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Welcome to The Germantown Performing Arts Center, home of the Duncan-Williams Performance Hall.

Since 1994, GPAC has been heralded as the premier performing arts center in Germantown, Memphis and the Mid-South. We have become known for our excellent arts education programs, created two orchestras, and presented fantastic international touring performers to our community.

This season we will begin to expand GPAC’s role in the form of partnerships.  We see this theme as an addendum to and an integral part of the GPAC mission:  to serve the community by presenting the highest quality artistic endeavors to engage, enrich, and transform.  This theme of partnerships is inspired by our new relationship with Duncan-Williams, Inc.   

Please use this website as your guide to all of the diverse and exceptional programming offered here at GPAC.  I encourage you to try something new this season— attend a genre you are not familiar with, or expand your horizons by participating in an arts education program. On behalf of The GPAC Foundation, the staff, the volunteers, and all of the artists we present, welcome to GPAC.


Expect the best,


Paul Chandler

Executive Director


1801 Exeter Road
Germantown, TN 38138