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Moscow Festival Ballet: Giselle

Moscow Festival Ballet: Giselle
4/20, 8 PM, Friday

In the great tradition of grand Russian ballet, the Moscow Festival Ballet presents the tale of a beautiful, young peasant girl, Giselle, who falls madly in love with a count disguised as a simple villager. When Giselle discovers her beloved's identity and then learns that he is engaged to another, she is driven mad. She then searches out the ghosts of girls who avenge the evil deeds of the men who have jilted them. This tragic Russian masterpiece is packed with vengeance, betrayal, and death, but love and forgiveness prevail in the end. These amazing Russian dancers bring this mesmerizing production to life, highlighting Petipa's brilliant and graceful choreography, which is enhanced by the hauntingly beautiful score and the exquisite costumes and sets.

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