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Artist Reception with Qwynto

Storytime by Qwynto


After graduating from the Massachusetts College of Art in 2016, the artist, Qwynto moved to Memphis. Since his time in the south he has been engaged in numerous exhibits, collectives, and art fairs.
Qwynto’s paintings and illustrations have been used commercially for advertising and entertainment, on murals throughout the country, and sold in galleries. His work is narrative, giving the viewer the power to create a story from his visual cues.
When he was a child some of his fondest moments were sitting around the dinner table as his mother wove intricate stories for he and his sister. Stories often involved quirky characters at night and going on grand adventures throughout the house. They created chaos that was always resolved before adults were made aware of the circumstances.
Storytime is a collection of imaginative moments both inspired by his mother’s storytelling and observations of people in everyday life. These moments capture the intricacies of how the mind wanders when reading a book or taking a bath. While beautiful, these works question what happens when we grow up. Why do we give up the freedom to imagine being an iron-clad knight riding a trusty pug into battle? Storytime is an invitation to viewers to let their mind wander and play anyway.

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