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Emily Hefley


PB&J On Tour at Schools

GPAC recognizes that not all children are able to attend the Peanut Butter & Jam sessions that are hosted at our location throughout the season because of transportation issues, the price of admission, or both.  The PB & J On Tour Program takes music and dance artists to selected schools all over the mid south are to perform for students in grades K-2.

The goals of this program are:

  • Introduce PreK-2 children to different styles and genres of music, movement, and performing arts. 

  • Promote literacy through the performing arts

Outcomes include:

  • Spark classroom discussion and written response after viewing two different performing arts genres.

  • Engage students during live performances through both physical (clap, tap, move etc) and mental (listen, observe, understand, connect) senses. 

  • Provide students with a “Brain Break”

How it works:

GPAC schedules two different shows to be performed at your school in the fall and spring. Shows are specifically geared toward K-2 and vary in themes (music, dance, theater and cultural arts). GPAC provides all the necessary sound equipment (if schools do not have a sound system) to better enhance the performance. Surveys will be conducted after each performance along with a focus group at the end of the GPAC season.

This FREE program is funded through the GPAC Arts Education Fund and local grants.


Here are some photos from previous PB&J On Tour shows: